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Earth&Soul poems

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The quest of me

About the author

She had not planned it. As she sat with the ashes, a sudden breeze blew flames upon hidden embers. Shining light on the faces sitting around her creative fire. The scientist, the traveller, the mother, the manager, the teacher, the wife, the hiker. And the child. They started feeding the fire, with their only possessions: quest, beauty, honesty, gentleness, sensitivity, pain, endurance, playfulness. In her turn, she threw her words into the centre. And poetry happened. And she decided to pass it on.


About the Book

A selection of 32 poetry texts accompanied by inspiring photography. In this first publication of her writings, Lydie Feltgen takes you from the observation of nature’s most simple mysteries straight into the depth of human soul evolution.

A hymn to the Feminine and a testimony about a woman’s journey towards emotional autonomy. This collection gives encouragement to those who are searching and on their way to themselves. It conveys a profound insight about the subtle alchemy of hope and change.

Beautifully stated, each piece is a healing meditation, following it’s own rhythm, where the encounter with “what is” leads to a crossroads and a new path is laid out, a new choice is offered.



what if the caterpillar wants to become a butterfly?

what if the apple wants to become a tree?

what if the grain wants to become a grassland?



what if the drop wants to become a sea?

what if my voice wants to become a song?

what if your heart wants to become a star?



what if I want of become me?

Lydie Feltgen, poem “What if”

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